Most Beautiful Songs

Have you ever just sat down and played one song over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again? And, that song is like either slow or mid tempo?
Better yet, that song is one or a few songs in your life that you never get tired of. Can you relate to this? Or, how about you are that one main person on the road, in the car, house, or whatever, and everyone else might usually play your favorite song(s)only once or twice more?
Is that you? If you are a kid, adult, senior citizen, etc., this usually gets on everyone else’s nerves. If this is you, sometimes you may be regarded as the « Ray-Ray » of the moment, or « Special Ed » type of person from an episode of Crank Yankers.
If this is true, you know what? That is O.K., because that is me, too: the type of person who can’t get enough of one particular song, until I play it close to(or at least)99 times.
Or, you may have that one song on your play list to play all night long. I’m also the idiot who might do the same thing to the « Whisper Song », by the Ying Yang Twins.
This includes the Pet Shop Boys’s song West End Girls.😂😂😂😂😂In addition, have you listened to some of your favorite songs and these songs made or make you say, « I must see this/these performer(s)in concert?
Anyway, this blog entry is about the most beautiful love songs. Do you have a list of your favorite love songs? If so, what are some of your favorite love songs?
One of my favorite love songs is by Don Blackmon. The song is called « Holding You, Loving You ». I originally did not know that he did this song! At first I originally knew this song as « Things In Smash », by the group named Nubian Mob. Furthermore, one day I wanted to know more about the song called « Things In Smash ».
So, I started scrolling the internet. I read that the song was like produced by Daddy-O. Further, the credits listed concerning the song included Don Blackmon and other info.
This included like the year written, original song title, and more. Once I looked up Don Blackmon’s name, I was like oh shit! Why? Because other websites showed a picture of his original album cover!
At that moment I remembered that my mom also had that very album! I was like whoa!
Far out! When I was a kid that album cover reminded me of one of Stevie Wonder’s album covers, because both men wore long braids with beads on those album covers. Anyway, after that I continued to play « Holding You, Loving You » from the YouTube website.
Later on I decided to find out if Don Blackmon had any concert dates. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us(R.I.P. September 1, 1953 – April 11, 2013). He is greatly missed. Damn.
Well, I came up with a small list of some of the most beautiful love songs to me. I actually have over 200 favorite songs. However, I only listed some in this blog post. Eventhough my all time favorite song is none other than Al B. Sure’s! song « Nite and Day », here is a short list of my favorites in no particular order:

1) »Nite and Day »-Al B. Sure!

2) »Funny How Times Flies(When You’re Having Fun) »-Janet Jackson

3) »Holding You, Loving You »-Don Blackmon

4) »Make Me Say It Again, Girl »-The Isley Brothers

5) »I Try »-Angela Bofill
6) »Quality Time »-Craig T. Cooper

7) »Let’s Make Love Tonight »-The Isley Brothers

8) »Be Ever Wonderful »-Earth, Wind, and Fire

9) »Love Hangover »-Diana Ross

10) »The Beautiful Ones »-Prince and The Revolution

11) »Lady I Love You »-O’Bryan
12) »Keep Your Love Around »-Whispers
13) »Send For Me »-Atlantic Star
14) »I’m So Into You »-Peabo Bryson
15) »Crown Royal »-Jill Scott
16) »Cry Together »-O’Jays
17) »Chelsea »-Rick Braun

18) »I Want to Be Free »-The Ohio Players

19) »I’m Only Human »-Luther Vandross

20) »Sweet Sticky Thing »-The Ohio Players

21) »Can’t Hide Love »-Earth, Wind, & Fire

22) »Lady In My Life »-Michael Jackson
23) »Free »-Deniece Williams
24) »The Captain of Her Heart »-Double
25) »True »-Spandau Ballet

26) »The Secret Garden »-Quincy Jones, Al B. Sure!, Barry White, James Ingram, El deBarge, and Seidah Garrett

27)A song by Al Jarreau that I cannot find for the fucking life of me! He talks about heaven. It’s a slow song and oh, my God! I hate that I have to fucking go through all of his damn songs to find it!
When I do, I will update this list. Shit!

28)A song by Regina Bell that I have to look up. Fuck! Now I have to look up all the fucking lyrics! Shit! I thought the song was called « Saving All ». Damn! I will update this one, too.

29) »Joy In Repetition »-Prince

30) »I’ll Always Love You »-Taylor Dane

31) »Every Time You Say My Name »-Bobby Caldwell

32) »Jojo »-Boz Scaggs


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