Do You Think About the Pilgrims When You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Today is Thanksgiving.

On this day for a number of hours there are not a lot of people who are out and about.

There are some stragglers who rush to the store for some last minute shopping.

It is frustrating when those shelves are empty and the food you need is out.

That last minute shopping can turn out to be a fright.

Especially, when that one item is needed and you have been the one to stay up cooking all night.

Some have their Thanksgiving dinner early.

Some schedule their meal late.

Some are creative and invite their significant other over their family’s house as their date.

Fome some, Thanksgiving is just another holiday.

Just a thought.

Some are just grateful to be living.

There is one question for you.

Do you think about the Pilgrims when you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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