Headdress Made of Feathers

Sexy pumps made out of leather.

The lady’s name is Heather.

We are having beautiful weather.

My jacket is made of pleather.

Everything looks fantastic!

No one wants to wash the dishes.

So, all of the silverware is made of plastic.

This is so classic.

The pickles are Vlassic.

The store up the street has too many high prices.

All we wanted was to purchase spices.

The other party wants to know more about that pie.

How many slices?

There are chimes around that door.

Dry macaroni is on the floor.

The guest list seems long.

How many more?

I am not too crazy about apples.

Do you eat them down to the core?

I have been sitting down too long.

Now, my butt is sore.

On the living room wall is a wigwom.

Over in that left corner stands my mom.

Before we serve this meal, everyone must pose for a picture.

Oh, my God!

On this guest list are two Heathers!

Have you seen Gencie’s room?

There, on her nightstand sits her grandfather’s headdress made of feathers.

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