Hollywood Hills(that bum’s life)

A life of riches.

A life of luxury.

To be a star.

That is the desire of many around the world no matter who they are.

An array of purples.


Many people go through various lengths to get there.

This includes marrying, fucking, knocking up people, and/or getting into various circles.

In Hollywood, not everything is at it seems.

Just watch all of those documentaries and T.V. specials about the tons of people who never made it.

Yet, each one of them had big and bright dreams.

Not everyone makes it.

Many have misfortunes.


Over one month ago, my mind was blown.

In fact, it was kind of foggy.

All of these years it seemed like I was like walking around blind like Stevie.

I was totally shocked to see this show on the T.V.

So many people pop pills.

However, that was not the shocking thing that left my mind blown.

There are bums living in the Hollywood hills!

Oh, my God!

I was like: surely this is not eye fraud!

There this guy was!

He had a tent and shit!

And, the cops were called out to make him leave.

This was hard for me to perceive.

Temporarily, he removed himself and his items.

For the moment, he went away.

However, not long after that he came back!

He was there to stay!

Oh, my God!

Even this guy had dreams!

But, they did not come into fruition.

Eventually, he settled into a world of strife.

Welcome to the world of that bum’s life.

Another person got interviewed.

She was actively going on casting calls.

After that, she saw a shrink, did drugs, and popped pills.

The next segment was another bum near the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Then, back to the bum that lives in the Hollywood hills.

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