She Burns!

Her pussy! Her pussy! Her pussy’s on fire!

It needs more than water! It does not need to burn!

Her boyfriend gave it to her although his name was not Ernace.

Her twat burns so bad that it’s worse than hell’s furnace!😶😮😥

Her pussy! Her pussy! Her pussy’s on fire!

It needs more than water and it doesn’t need to burn!

What makes it worse is that she was a virgin.

That bastard’s nasty loins did the urgin’.

If it was legal it has been past time to start purgin’.

Too bad she did not stay focused on art.

Messing with that trashy son of a bitch is causing her to continue towards a rocky start.


Everything is not alright.



Giving people venereal diseases on purpose gets that mother fucker who spread that shit killed for it.





If they are lucky someone might kick their ass in a fight.




The disease is given on purpose when that mother fucker knows that he has that nasty ass shit and fucks other people anyway.




That shit is not O.K.!




Hopefully, her future will be bigger, better, and brighter.





Will her burdens be much lighter?





I don’t know.

That’s more than a low blow.

This situation is not okay.

I was told about this. That is all that I have to say.

Because, there is not a cure for what that son of a bitch gave her!

The shit that he gave her will not go away!

This shit one cannot hide!

My heart cries inside!

Earlier this year she tried to play it off and say that she doesn’t want any kids.

Oh, Taby!

The real truth is that what that mother fucker gave her might make her sterile!: unable to have a future baby!

Every day the mind constantly learns.

What that dirty bastard did to her is unforgivable!

She burns!

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