Question of the Day

Do you think that there are people at the workplace who should wear muzzles, or should the job offer ear plugs?

I ask this, because there are situations where « odd people » scream all day/shift at the workplace and I’m not sure if they are mentally ill and cannot control themselves or not.
This environment is definitely not at a mental health facility!
Have you heard of « water boarding »? Well, this is like « sound boarding » for humans. And, what is really bad is when there is no music being played all day to drown that sick mother fucker’s screaming and hollering out.
And, it is different when you are on the « daily grind » somewhere in a downtown area, where multiple pissy bums and whatnot are screaming and babbling a bunch of shit that often makes no sense or whatnot.
Sometimes they might carry a bible in their hand and try to preach and shit. When you are on the grind, all you have to do is walk or drive away from what you do not want to see or hear. But, when they are on the job? I personally think that individuals like this should work in a room by themselves.
What do you think? Your comments are welcome. Please shed some light on this topic. It is sooooooo very welcome here.


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