Pay to Break and Play

This is from 4/26/2017

Your daddy has a dog.

Not a toy frog.

There was no time to beg.

What I want to know is: Why in the fuck did you break his dog’s mother fucking leg?

I’m no one to snitch.

But, you’re one fucked up bitch.

It is good that you are not yet into boys.

I think.

Are you into hurting animals because you lack a lot of toys?

What is your momma going to do with you?

Are you pissed because your real daddy is not there?

I guess he’s through.

I guess I’ll pray for your ass.

Yeah, to the heavens above.

Are you wilding out and shit because you lack your real daddy’s love?

Hmmmm…..why bother?

The man who does not deserve your disrespect is your stepfather!

Shoop, shoop, shooped.

I think right now in this day in time, the only thing that might be wrong with your stepdad is that he got fucked up and struck by lightning.

And, he’s pussy whooped.

Some of your family can talk about your ignorant ass all day.

Keep that shit up and you will have to pay to break and play.

You should know this shit all too well.

Now, at the age of 14, your silly wild ass can go to jail!

Is it a pity?

Because, they don’t have special jails for a kiddy.

Don’t swallow your bile.

You know, you will not be locked up as a juvenile.

You better straighten the fuck up!

Or, I’ll be seeing your nappy headed ass on the next episode of Animal Planet!

Now, what did I say?

You will pay to break and play.

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