Fat and plump and the color of smoke. His name was smoky. That’s no joke. Sarah called him Nicodemus, the odd bunny with no doom. He sat in that cage still as stone without ever blinking an eye in the living room. There he sat quietly without blinking, surviving trial and error, and many cases of his impending doom. The kids were told that he … Continuer de lire Smoky

New Russian Film Release

Movie: Wild Leagues Release: October 24th, 2019 Genre: Sports, Drama, Historical Directors: Andrey Bogatyrev and Art Camacho Cast: Vladimir Yaglych, Ivan Okhlobystin, Yevgeny Koryakovskiy, Stanislav Tikunov, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, and Adrian Paul Reference: Reference:// Continuer de lire New Russian Film Release

Chia Pet

This little lady was not dumb. She lacked a « green thumb ». Men loved her as their sexual partner, because she made them pant. However, she could not keep a single object alive. This includes a plant. Keeping dogs was even a problem for her. It was a task that some witnessed as an act that she should never juggle. Because, keeping them well fed seemed … Continuer de lire Chia Pet

The Meow Mile

Not very many black cat owners can crack a smile. Because, 1 in I don’t know how many black cats go down a dark path called « The Meow Mile ». Today not many black cats roam about. Because, too many superstitious people are out. I have not even seen a litter of precious black kittens. Our family once had one. I think that someone named him … Continuer de lire The Meow Mile

New Russian Film Release for 2019/2020

Movie: Empire V Release: To be announced Genre: Fantasy Director: Victor Ginzburg Cast: Pavel Tabakov, Miron Fyodorov, Vera Alentova, and Mikhail Yefremov. Reference: Continuer de lire New Russian Film Release for 2019/2020