Question of the Day

Is there a such thing as a « toy » cat? Or, how about a miniature cat? You know how there are little dogs that they refer to as « toy » dogs? Well,I was just wondering if there were « toy » cats as well. This means that if there ever were, then we would also have to have « tea cup » size cats: cats that only grow and remain as … Continuer de lire Question of the Day

The Hounds of Baskerville

The Rhyme They hunted at dawn. Sometimes at dusk. Even when their lord was Ill and on the mend.   The legend continues about those hounds of Baskerville. It better not be you they are sniffing for.   There is no mercy. The longer you remain on the run means that there will be an unforgiving, bloody end.   The weather could be hot. The … Continuer de lire The Hounds of Baskerville

First Dance

Today was the day. It was her first chance. She was going to her first school dance. I was definitely not delighted. However, I think she was excited. Of course it was not a date. But, I sure was pissed, because I am always the last one to know. And, I was told rather late. This situation was not funny. I even gave her five … Continuer de lire First Dance