Are You Having Roast?

First of all, I would like to make a toast. Tonight is a huge celebration. There are many reasons to boast. The television is on. Mostly everyone is watching a Christmas special. My secret Santa bought me the sexiest outfit that is blinged out from head to toe. It has the print of an extraterrestrial. Fifty of us made it to Iceland. The fried fish … Continuer de lire Are You Having Roast?

Do You Believe In Christmas?

A twinkle in the eye. Reindeer fly by. The night passes away. Children have yet to play. Some people have cable. Cookies and milk await Santa on the table. There is a great app named Tubi. On that same app I will watch a movie. Will you be that family that Christmas will miss? Under the mistletoe will you and a special one kiss? Not … Continuer de lire Do You Believe In Christmas?

Where Are You Going to Celebrate New Year’s?

Taffeta, lace, silk, and suits. Stacy Adams, Mary Jane’s, heels, and boots. One person comes. Another one goes. Tomorrow will come. Thanksgiving came. No day is exactly the same. Snow comes. Then, it melts. Afterwards, it clears. Where are you going to celebrate New Year’s? Continuer de lire Where Are You Going to Celebrate New Year’s?

Don’t Hate the Poor

Do you have anything to say? How is your day? There are many people and many nations. However, there are not enough bus stations. There are so many ways how one can spend their time. Yet, there are soooooo many reasons why people commit crime. Do you ever get movie passes? There are so many economic classes. Filthy rich, rich, middle class, and one more. … Continuer de lire Don’t Hate the Poor

Do You Have the 12 Days of Christmas Wall Calendar?

Over 14 years ago, there was a special time for some of us to remember. Back then, I hung up a 12 days of Christmas calendar. It happened in the month of December. Where were you 14 years ago? Do you remember? Do you have the 12 days of Christmas wall calendar? Continuer de lire Do You Have the 12 Days of Christmas Wall Calendar?

Did You Get Your Christmas Present?

It is time for the company Christmas party. Everyone is eating hearty. Martha is over there clawing. In five minutes everyone will wait in anticipation for the drawing. Some of us took Lyfts. In one hour everyone is to open their gifts. I’m elated. Hopefully, everyone participated. Did you write your rhyme? Oh, goody! It is present swapping time! Mine is wonderful! Isn’t it? Did … Continuer de lire Did You Get Your Christmas Present?

Under the Mistletoe

I noticed that around the holidays, many people miss an important part of Christmas tradition. In fact, because of this, most do not know. Many people do not know what to do once they are under the mistletoe. First, it It is great to have someone special. If you don’t know, soon you will know. Some people hang mistletoes too high. When this happens, most … Continuer de lire Under the Mistletoe