Horrible News of the Day

Pizza Hut no longer serves breaded bone in chicken wings! Oh, my fucking God! My Saint Patrick’s Day has already been fucked up in sooooo many ways, so I decided that I would get Blue Bell green pistachio ice cream and Pizza Hut quepapas and Hawaiian wings(breaded and bone in). Well, I saw the word « traditional » and figured that it is my usual breaded and … Continuer de lire Horrible News of the Day

Recipe of the Day Invention

Today’s recipe of the day invention is: Eggroll Pot Pie. I thought of this while eating one of my favorite Marie Calendar pot pies. You can make a big or small one by using a big or small pie pan. You will need cabbage, cooking oil of choice, butter, or margarine,onions, bell pepper, soy sauce, meat of choice, spices as desired, a cheese shredder, a … Continuer de lire Recipe of the Day Invention

Today’s Recipe

Guess what I am fixing right now? Torpedoes! Let’s see how they turn out! 8:04 A.M. Well, nothing really turned out well. Sort of, anyway. Have you ever heard of shark bites? Shark bites are jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. Well, last night I decided that I wanted to substitute the bacon with something less fatty. So, I decided to use … Continuer de lire Today’s Recipe