Headdress Made of Feathers

Sexy pumps made out of leather. The lady’s name is Heather. We are having beautiful weather. My jacket is made of pleather. Everything looks fantastic! No one wants to wash the dishes. So, all of the silverware is made of plastic. This is so classic. The pickles are Vlassic. The store up the street has too many high prices. All we wanted was to purchase … Continuer de lire Headdress Made of Feathers

Did You Have Popcorn Today?

Who got to laugh and play? Did things go your way today? Did you have the last say? If you had Burger King, did you have it your way? Back in the day I worked many shifts. Way back when, Native Americans presented many gifts. Also, back in those days many people were not born. Did you know that one of those gifts from some … Continuer de lire Did You Have Popcorn Today?

Do You Think About the Pilgrims When You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Today is Thanksgiving. On this day for a number of hours there are not a lot of people who are out and about. There are some stragglers who rush to the store for some last minute shopping. It is frustrating when those shelves are empty and the food you need is out. That last minute shopping can turn out to be a fright. Especially, when … Continuer de lire Do You Think About the Pilgrims When You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

What Is for Dessert?

Look out! Your friend is wearing a skirt. I think that she wore it to impress your brother Kurt. Move, move, move out of my way! I must check the oven, because I do not want to eat burned cheese toast another day! Let’s see here. We now have 12 apples. That was a gift from Bobby. Jeremy brought us some sushi and added a … Continuer de lire What Is for Dessert?

Who Is Going to Say Grace?

The neighbor’s bulldogs are out. Make sure to bring the Mace. I am scared that you will get mauled in the face. They will do more than turn your face inside out. Just take precautions. Safety is what it’s all about. Just remember. You are to sit at the head of the table. Later on we all will watch a movie starring Clark Gable. Did … Continuer de lire Who Is Going to Say Grace?

Did You Buy the Ham?

Sarah is here. So is Sam. Thirston is preparing turkey wings. Did you buy the ham? I do not see hardly anyone yet. Is this gathering a sham? You are so fake! Mom is bringing the cake. What was that? I don’t give a fig! The dog just snatched off aunty’s wig! Oh, that was not all! That furry little thing has to pay! It … Continuer de lire Did You Buy the Ham?

Belinda, Are You Cutting the Turkey?

Belinda, are you cutting? Are you going to cut that 50 pound turkey? Who prepared that bird? Did they call you a nerd? Is that Turkey well done? While preparing it, did you have fun? Should everyone arrive around one? Is the Turkey a Butterball? Come one and come all! What is everyone going to do afterwards? Are we going to go putting? Are you … Continuer de lire Belinda, Are You Cutting the Turkey?

I Don’t Wanna Beg for that Gad Damn Turkey!

Nope! It’s not happening! No one should be scared. It is better to be prepared. Sometimes this deals with who thinks what is more important. Some want their worlds rocked. Some of their minds are half cocked. If I don’t do it, I am sure that no one else will. I don’t wanna beg for that gad damn turkey! That’s the deal! Each and every … Continuer de lire I Don’t Wanna Beg for that Gad Damn Turkey!