Recipe of the Day Invention

Today’s recipe of the day invention is: Eggroll Pot Pie. I thought of this while eating one of my favorite Marie Calendar pot pies. You can make a big or small one by using a big or small pie pan. You will need cabbage, cooking oil of choice, butter, or margarine,onions, bell pepper, soy sauce, meat of choice, spices as desired, a cheese shredder, a … Continuer de lire Recipe of the Day Invention

Question of the Day: The Place Called Christmas

Since Siberia appears to be icy and snowy year round, how come the people over there haven’t thought about making the whole entire region of Siberia a place that looks like Christmas? Like, a beautiful Christmas village. Years ago, Christian artist Thomas Kincaid designed some beautiful villages somewhere. They resembled some of his beautiful paintings. They also kind of reminded me of fancy Hobbit inspired … Continuer de lire Question of the Day: The Place Called Christmas


Well, a few months ago I was going to do an entry about Sharia law,  because I read that England is trying to decide whether or not to have this over there. My question to England is:   Why bring that shit to your country when you as a country along with the United States of America are still trying to conquer the middle east … Continuer de lire Sha-Sha-Sharia!