Baywatch Premiere

Last night Chef Olivette Lee and I attended the Baywatch movie premiere in Dallas, Texas. It is O.K. to go to a premiere in Dallas, Texas sometimes. However, right now I prefer to attend them in Shreveport, Louisiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Arlington, Texas for now. It is becoming too difficult to attend them in Dallas due to not only traffic problems, there … Continuer de lire Baywatch Premiere

Smurf Screening

Saturday April 1st, 2017, me and one of my nieces attended the movie premier of Smurfs: The Lost Village. I was totally smurfed out Saturday! I started my Smurf adventure Friday March 31st. I went to Wal-Mart to see what I could find to where that would pass as being « Smurf themed ». There were things out there that were blue. However, when it came to … Continuer de lire Smurf Screening

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Movie Review: Midnight Special

Well, over a week ago I went to a screening of the movie Midnight Special. I was really excited, too. The synopsis sounded really good. Finally, I made it to the Angelika movie theater in Dallas, TX, after experiencing several near collisions by some crazy drivers. Boy! I swear that some people just do not belong behind of a wheel of any vehicle, period! Anywho, … Continuer de lire Movie Review: Midnight Special

Last Night’s Premiere: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Last night I went to the premiere of Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies. You can find out more about this movie at: Category: Action, Horror, Romance « Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge: an army of undead zombies. » Cast: Lily James-  Elizabeth Bennet Lena Headey-  Lady Catherine … Continuer de lire Last Night’s Premiere: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Thought of the Day

A while back I was thinking about how possibly fucked up it may be to have a black version of the movie Child’s Play. Can you imagine seeing a nappy headed Chucky running around. I guess it could be compared to that new black version of the movie Annie. Who would play Chucky’s momma? Alfre Woodard? Viola Davis? Who would be the adopted dad? Muthafucka … Continuer de lire Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

You know, I was thinking: What if there was a movie made where Freddie Kruger meets and has to fight the guy from the movie Hellraiser? I think that this sounds cool! However, the movie script would have to really kick ass. Can you imagine it? I think that if this were done, the movie should show where Freddie accidentally stumbles across the beautiful cube, … Continuer de lire Thought of the Day