Do You Like Sweet Potato Pie?

I did not lie. Those huge steak fries are the ones that you have to fry. You are supposed to be the chef! You are lazy. Just try! Don’t cry! For Heaven sakes! Why?! I’ll give you fifteen minutes then. I’m soooooooooo busy. So, while you work on the fries, I will prepare the meat. Then, I will proceed to make a real treat. Please … Continuer de lire Do You Like Sweet Potato Pie?

Do You Like Pumpkin Pie?

My, oh my. Why ask why? My significant other thinks that he is being romantic by continuously blowing in my eye. I just roll my eyes and sigh. I am on a romantic high. Next, he asked me what was for dessert? After that, I asked him if he changed his shirt. Then, he looked at me while lifting an eyebrow. That meant now. With … Continuer de lire Do You Like Pumpkin Pie?

What Is On Your Christmas Dinner Menu?

It is the holiday season. There is so much to do. Every now and then the weather changes here in Texas. A lot of people are Christmas shopping, too! This is one of the most beautiful times of the year! Some of us like to spread a little Christmas cheer. It is the holiday season. There is so much to do. What is on your … Continuer de lire What Is On Your Christmas Dinner Menu?

Where Are You Going to Celebrate New Year’s?

Taffeta, lace, silk, and suits. Stacy Adams, Mary Jane’s, heels, and boots. One person comes. Another one goes. Tomorrow will come. Thanksgiving came. No day is exactly the same. Snow comes. Then, it melts. Afterwards, it clears. Where are you going to celebrate New Year’s? Continuer de lire Where Are You Going to Celebrate New Year’s?

Don’t Hate the Poor

Do you have anything to say? How is your day? There are many people and many nations. However, there are not enough bus stations. There are so many ways how one can spend their time. Yet, there are soooooo many reasons why people commit crime. Do you ever get movie passes? There are so many economic classes. Filthy rich, rich, middle class, and one more. … Continuer de lire Don’t Hate the Poor

Did You Get Your Christmas Present?

It is time for the company Christmas party. Everyone is eating hearty. Martha is over there clawing. In five minutes everyone will wait in anticipation for the drawing. Some of us took Lyfts. In one hour everyone is to open their gifts. I’m elated. Hopefully, everyone participated. Did you write your rhyme? Oh, goody! It is present swapping time! Mine is wonderful! Isn’t it? Did … Continuer de lire Did You Get Your Christmas Present?

Grand Stockings

Christmastime is often one of the best and most beautiful time of the year. In fact, a lot of people are high in spirits and spread good cheer. Beautiful ornaments get put on Christmas trees and some people go all out by putting fancy things around their homes for decoration. Driving to a festival of lights causes some to feel elation. Beautifully wrapped presents are … Continuer de lire Grand Stockings

Under the Mistletoe

I noticed that around the holidays, many people miss an important part of Christmas tradition. In fact, because of this, most do not know. Many people do not know what to do once they are under the mistletoe. First, it It is great to have someone special. If you don’t know, soon you will know. Some people hang mistletoes too high. When this happens, most … Continuer de lire Under the Mistletoe

Tommy, Is It Snowing?

Tommy? How is the weather? Is it beautiful out there? Is it nice enough to play ball together? Oh. Okay. You shrugged your shoulders. You are shrugging your shoulders. I guess that it is going to be a fucked up day. I see that you are not in the mood. Well, you are wearing a sweater. I like it. It has a nice fit. Is … Continuer de lire Tommy, Is It Snowing?