Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 7

7): Amidst controversy, presidential hopeful, celebrity, entrepreneur, and more, Donald J. Trump is not afraid to voice his opinion, use his right to freedom of speech, face the heat, criticism, and trashy headlines that are and have been posted in the media, etc. He continues on like a champ to campaign right along with the other Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls.Just read all of the … Continuer de lire Seven Days of Donald Trump: Day 7

Run Nigga! Run! Run Nigger! Run! : Part I

This is sort of a villanelle type poem that was supposed to be a black history month poem in honor of Trayvon Martin. Run Nigga! Run! Run Nigger! Run! In the middle of the night there was more than one scream. Run nigga! Run! A fourteen year-old boy was murdered at one particular scene. Run nigger! Run! It took a long period of time before … Continuer de lire Run Nigga! Run! Run Nigger! Run! : Part I

The Dream Still Continues

It is January 2015 and Martin Luther King, jr.’s famous « I Have A Dream speech still continues to be unfulfilled. Racism against black Americans in America continues on like an ugly disease. Many have experienced racism in every state of the United States of America. Well, everyone in the whole wide world, all I can do is « keep hope alive », continue to pray that there … Continuer de lire The Dream Still Continues