Book Tour: Day 3: EXODUS 2022, by Kenneth G. Bennett

« Joe Stanton is in agony. Out of his mind over the death of his young daughter.  Or so it seems.  Unable to contain his grief,  Joe loses control in public,  screaming his daughter’s name and causing a huge scene at a hotel on San Juan Island in Washington State.  Thing is,  Joe Stanton doesn’t have a daughter.  Never did.  And when authorities arrive they blame … Continuer de lire Book Tour: Day 3: EXODUS 2022, by Kenneth G. Bennett

C3P.O. : Part II

(continued)…   He was unique in comparison and not made with metal. He definitely was not made with rubber bands. To continue,  he could heat cold food with just a delicate touch of his own hands. Although, sometimes it looked like he was trying to think. Another thing this robot could do was turn a beverage cold by blowing his breath over a drink. I … Continuer de lire C3P.O. : Part II


Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Something ran amiss a long time ago.  Leonard Raybiin completed an important lesson.  After he graduated college he became CEO at Smith and Wesson. All tasks were completed and marked off a long list. The last task completed was becoming chief physicist. Life for master Leonard Raybiin was just perfect. There were no fears. This included keeping the biggest secret … Continuer de lire C3P.O.