The Outsider

Nothing was legit. Aryan continued to put up with people’s shit. She continued to hope that everything was going to be fine. However, she kept silently saying to herself, « These responsibilities are not mine. » Take a bow. Because,  she sure as hell didn’t know what was going on now. Everything remained a mess. Which led to her next question: « Am I to remain homeless? » Two … Continuer de lire The Outsider


There resides match meaning every person’s meant. Human people’s match usually matched great. Forever never. Fewer people’s keep control above persons their matched final. Usually, those picking mates usually great besides great beauty’s heart remains bless.   Continuer de lire Matched

Passing Her By

Food is rationed.  There is no passion. Sing « ABC ». Be careful so you will not get an STD. Even in her dark brown skin she is judged. She claims « other » as her race. A cop is called while she is begging for money, so that she can feed her face. Life is passing her by as a loved one helps another who has constantly hurt … Continuer de lire Passing Her By

Insecure Writers Group: Sound Off #5

I am almost finished with helping people around the world by writing advice to choose from, concerning whatever dilemma they are having. Through social media I have offered over thirty thousand people free downloads of my ebook titled T.O.E. (Theory of Espionage). This can be found by clicking the title Free ebook Giveaway on this blog of mine. It is free from now until whenever. … Continuer de lire Insecure Writers Group: Sound Off #5