The Human Voodoo Doll

THIS STORY IS FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Some people see him in dreams. This is not an old Mr. Sand Man. Damn! Most do not know his age. Although he looks calm, he can blend in and in between crowds. But, when he is in motion, he is a man of rage. He is a psychopathic killer. Oh, Phyllis Diller! He bleeds just like you and … Continuer de lire The Human Voodoo Doll

Run Nigga! Run! Run Nigger! Run! : Part I

This is sort of a villanelle type poem that was supposed to be a black history month poem in honor of Trayvon Martin. Run Nigga! Run! Run Nigger! Run! In the middle of the night there was more than one scream. Run nigga! Run! A fourteen year-old boy was murdered at one particular scene. Run nigger! Run! It took a long period of time before … Continuer de lire Run Nigga! Run! Run Nigger! Run! : Part I