The Insecure Writer’s Group: May 2017

Hello world and fellow writers. How is everyone doing out there? Well, there is not a whole lot to say right now, because there have been so many things that have happened in my life that have been so disturbing. Disturbing to the point of difficulty coming to grips with such sad matters. Well, first thing is first:   I started writing another novel and … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: May 2017

Baywatch Premiere

Last night Chef Olivette Lee and I attended the Baywatch movie premiere in Dallas, Texas. It is O.K. to go to a premiere in Dallas, Texas sometimes. However, right now I prefer to attend them in Shreveport, Louisiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Arlington, Texas for now. It is becoming too difficult to attend them in Dallas due to not only traffic problems, there … Continuer de lire Baywatch Premiere

Question of the Day

Home come there is not a plan to keep entertainers financially stable throughout their lives?   For example, the « one hit wonders »: singers who have one hit in their entire musicareer, and that is it. After that, most people like this continue to keep afloat just to survive (if they can), keep a home, etc. This is usually the same case scenario for actors, comedians, … Continuer de lire Question of the Day