Bitch, Get Your Bald Headed Ass Back Here!

Gaddamit! I swear! Keep your fucking hands off of other people’s shit! Get out of there! My body is hurting. People tend to ignore this situation. No one cares to understand. This situation is way out of hand. Concerning this situation, more than one person feels sour. Every now and then you get worse vy the hour! Whoops! Time to get your shitty ass into … Continuer de lire Bitch, Get Your Bald Headed Ass Back Here!

Cinco de Mayo

Burritos, tostadas, tamales, and tacos. Empanadas, pinatas, sopapillas, and more. Sometimes there are mariachis, parties, and more to explore. When it rains some people were panchos. To add, I love nachos. The fifth of May is more than a celebration you see. More information can be read about it in books of history. One, two, three, go! Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! Continuer de lire Cinco de Mayo

Church Announcements

The other night turned into an unpredictable end of the day. There I was scrolling away. There was one post where I had to take a second look. The church that I attended more than one time had an event where I was not notified until three hours after it happened by Facebook. It was a great event that I usually would not have missed. … Continuer de lire Church Announcements

My Best Friend’s Funeral

My sister’s cat is feral. This month is my best friend’s funeral. I will not lie. How did she die? On one of her pages I decided to look. The last time that I chatted with her was this month(April 2019)on Facebook. Was it something that someone said? If it was, did she have a heart attack that caused her to wind up dead? Damn, … Continuer de lire My Best Friend’s Funeral