Who You Wit?

Ramon Romero is running for State Representative of Texas, on the Democrat side. Early voting is now until the 28th of this month. The Democratic Primary is on March 4th,  2014. The end pf Black History month is this February. There is a black candidate running for congresman. His name is Marc Veasey. He is also a Democrat. My assignment for eveyone is to do … Continuer de lire Who You Wit?

The Insecure Writer’s Group

I received my first gig last week on Fiverr. When I was emailed the news that someone chose to receive my services, I was so excited.  Oh my God! I felt like screaming for joy! I am still excited! It kind of felt like Christmas to me. I did a writing assignment. Whoever you are out there, thank you! You made my day! That’s all … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group

Insecure Writer: Assignment #2: Sound Off!!!!!!!#2

Well, this is entry number two for me concerning the Insecure Writer support group. This month I’m dedicating my time towards giving other authors more encouragement. While things are remaining the same for me at this present time professionalwise and in my personal life, I feel that it is best for me to pump others up and help to encourage others for a much needed … Continuer de lire Insecure Writer: Assignment #2: Sound Off!!!!!!!#2