The Insecure Writer’s Group: February 2019

Well, it is now the month of February. All kinds of things are going on. This month is Chinese New Year! For those of you who celebrate this holiday, I have a question for you. Do you have any travel plans? This year is the year of the pig. Ahhhhhh……nice year! Try to live your life to the fullest without overdoing it financially to where … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: February 2019

Question of the Day

How come « The Freedom Riders » never did sit-ins in the state of Texas, when Texas had just as many racial killings, tensions, and other problems as Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and other parts of the South? Texas still has racial problems, including Hispanics against blacks. Some Hispanics may fuck blacks and make black babies, but that is usually as far as it goes, other … Continuer de lire Question of the Day