My Private Parts Are None of Your Business, Even if You Say that You Make It Your Business!👺

Does your man know that you are about to go to China to be his bride and you are bald headed? What will your man say then? I walked back and forth. It was January 2nd, 2021 for all that it is worth. You are too damn nosy for your own good. In fact, I find it even perverted that your eyes traveled down South … Continuer de lire My Private Parts Are None of Your Business, Even if You Say that You Make It Your Business!👺

Chanting Mary

It was a free day at Bimbay’s church. The group was free to talk and gossip. So, creepy stories were shared, except for stuff about The Adam’s Family and Lurch. The story mill passed down to Barry. She told the group about chanting about « bloody Mary ». Barry said, « Just as surely as I pass down these rhymes, you must say bloody Mary thirty times. » Next, … Continuer de lire Chanting Mary

Fucked Up

Now, she laid down to sleep. After death, Jehovah takes our spirits to keep. Where to begin? Do you like tea? Sleep is a natural thing. And, one is supposed to sleep uninterrupted and peacefully without thinking about safety. Carly went to sleep on the living room floor. As she slept peacefully, someone evil unlawfully picked through her front door. Strike a pose. The trespasser … Continuer de lire Fucked Up


Once upon a time, it was a refreshing day. This is a story about a woman named Tay-Tay. She loved pomegranate juice from the brand named Tropicana. Also, she was from the state of Louisiana. There used to be a block in her life that caused future successes in her life to be on hold. Until she received help, the reason behind her failures in … Continuer de lire Se`ance

Old Booty & the Night Caller: Part IV

Cleo said that Shane was coy. However, Shane was way too nasty. As a result, Cleo called his best friend, who turned out to be Shane’s stepfather. Cleo spoke and said, « Come and get your boy! » That was the last time that Shane came to Maryland’s house. After that, things seemed to settle down and return to quietness, like a church mouse. Brad’s ex- friend. … Continuer de lire Old Booty & the Night Caller: Part IV

Old Booty & the Night Caller

In everyone’s room stood a cute little gnome. On the premises stood a mansion-like building with 5,000 rooms. On the outside, one had to blink twice, because it did not look like an ordinary nursing home. Most of the shifts at this place ran smoothly, until one particular night. In happened in the fall. The phone rang in a resident’s room. How strange! Lexi decided … Continuer de lire Old Booty & the Night Caller


One day Chelsea and her friend went to the store. The day after, her life would never be the same. It would never again be like the day before. The store clerk helped Chelsea. Her name was Navid. Chelsea picked up some beautiful silver stars. Navid said that they were the stars of David. After purchasing that star, for a number of years, numerous events … Continuer de lire Star

Black Eyes. White Skin.

What’s up? It was time to get up. Her skin turned sheet white. This happened in the middle of the night. Sitting upright, her body remained still. Undaunted. There was no flinching. She became lifeless. For brief moments, her body was haunted. Then, she remained still like a statue. Not a single limb was slack. There were no whites of the eyes. The entire sockets … Continuer de lire Black Eyes. White Skin.

The Green Lady

Thank God we did not meet. She was spotted from a distance, walking on the sidewalk near the street. There she was out in the open. Was there a race? Just what in the fuck was wrong with her face? There was definitely a problem to be seen. Her face was fluorescent green! These are COVID times. I did not scoff. And, I am sure … Continuer de lire The Green Lady