Incredible Fact of the Day

It is pretty cool to consider The Incredible Hulk as your hero while growing up. The Incredible Hulk, Arnold Shwartzeneggar, Wonder Woman, and many others were my heroes. Why? Because, I had many bullies in my life while growing up. So, here is a fact about bullies: 1)Like Skittles, bullies come in many colors. 2)Like Lucky Charms they come in different shapes. 3)Like dicks they … Continuer de lire Incredible Fact of the Day

Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three

Another rumor is that well over 50% of DFW’s occupants are « poor trash » across racial lines, anyway! This includes professionals. I’m talking trash in suits. To me, a lot of the poor, homeless, and wealthy look alike. Some wear dentures, remain toothless, etc. The only difference pretty much is a shower, comb, brush, the appearance of teeth, choosing to dress professionally or like bums! If … Continuer de lire Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three


Tuesday (last week) I had an opportunity to review the movie Gravity, which is in theaters now and stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Other stars include: Ed Harris, Paul Sharma, Orto Ignatiussen, Amy Warren, and Basha Savage. I did not go because most movies about space and shit are boring as hell. And, they usually cause me to drift off to sleep. However, there … Continuer de lire Nerdfest