Why Do You Want to Sound Like Chris Brown?

Sometimes I hear it on the radio. Sometimes I hear some songs on YouTube. Some people’s vocals have « that same familiar sound ». I find it irritating that some of these similarities are akin to a lot of celebrities, including Chris Brown. I wonder why. Is it because it is easier to mimic his style or sound/type of vocals ro easily get rich? I guess this … Continuer de lire Why Do You Want to Sound Like Chris Brown?


Cinco de Mayo was truly fucked up. I didn’t see a single person partying or anything. I did not hear a gunshot, firecracker, Speedy Gonzales sounding yelling or anything. However, during the weekend a lot of people bought beer. Never in my life have I seen a horrible Cinco de Mayo! Santa Monica really does that shit up, man! My daughter was born on Cinco … Continuer de lire Ole!

On the Road With YouTube

Three days ago I was sitting in the car waiting to pick my daughter up. While we were waiting,  I decided to browse YouTube on the android phone.  I finally found who sang this song with Lil Wayne who has a background beat that sounds like it came from an Atari game. Some of the lyrics say « booty » and « make it tooty. » Well, my mom … Continuer de lire On the Road With YouTube