The Heat Is On!

Decorations usually get a lot of praise. A lot of people are stressed out around the end of the year’s holidays. Everyone is affected as the world turns. Veteran’s Day comes and goes. Every year parts of California burns. Social security needs to stay, so that people like me will get paid for our future former wages(if we live long enough to get old and … Continuer de lire The Heat Is On!

It Is Almost Christmas

Halloween just passed. This Thursday is Thanksgiving. Have you ever taken a trip to Bombay? If not, that is O.K. Right after Thanksgiving is over, here comes another holiday! Yes. That is right. The big one is coming. There are mixed emotions regarding some people. As the next holiday approaches, a big number of people resort to committing a crime. Those people have their own … Continuer de lire It Is Almost Christmas

The Insecure Writer’s Group: December 2014

Well,it is almost Christmas 2014. Have you completed your Christmas shopping? Are you ready for Christmas? What are you doing for Christmas? And, who is going to be the one to cook Christmas dinner for you/your family? Is your city/state/country into going all out and putting Christmas decorations everywhere? I love seeing Christmas decorations everywhere! it looks so chipper and festive! Have you been naughty … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: December 2014