Cinco de Mayo

Burritos, tostadas, tamales, and tacos. Empanadas, pinatas, sopapillas, and more. Sometimes there are mariachis, parties, and more to explore. When it rains some people were panchos. To add, I love nachos. The fifth of May is more than a celebration you see. More information can be read about it in books of history. One, two, three, go! Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! Continuer de lire Cinco de Mayo

Shake Yo Ass! : Part 5

Years ago I used to live in Arlington,  Texas. Since 2002 all the way up until the year 2004, I used to take some of my family members to San Antonio,  Texas for Cinco de Mayo. Also, I used to love buying Mexican worry dolls. I collected so much stuff that I eventually decorated a tall table of mine, putting my collection of worry dolls … Continuer de lire Shake Yo Ass! : Part 5


Cinco de Mayo was truly fucked up. I didn’t see a single person partying or anything. I did not hear a gunshot, firecracker, Speedy Gonzales sounding yelling or anything. However, during the weekend a lot of people bought beer. Never in my life have I seen a horrible Cinco de Mayo! Santa Monica really does that shit up, man! My daughter was born on Cinco … Continuer de lire Ole!