Long Shot

Starring: Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Special Appearances by: Boyz II Men « From the people who brought you Neighbors and This Is the End. » In theaters today Director: Jonathen Levine Writers: Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah Screenplay: Dan Sterling Producers: A.J. Dix(p.g.a.), Evan Goldberg(p.g.a.), Barbara A. Hall(executive producer), Beth Kono(p.g.a.), Kelli Konop(executive producer), James Weaver(p.g.a.), Charlize Theron(p.g.a.), Seth Rogen(p.g.a.), Jonathan McCoy(line producer, additional photography, line … Continuer de lire Long Shot

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Girls Trip Movie Review

This movie was tuuuuuuuuurnt! It is the absolute shit! Yes, it really is the funniest movie of the year! This movie is so funny, that I almost pissed on myself twice! Watching this movie almost made me want to go to New Orleans. However, it is unfortunate that it seems like the only thing going on and going for New Orleans is: Fat Tuesday, the … Continuer de lire Girls Trip Movie Review

What’s My Name? Say It, Again Juicy!

Sunday November 17th I watched two and a half movies (part of one movie and two whole movies). I watched  part of Elysium, 2 Guns(my second time watching it), and Baggage Claim. Elysium (the ending I watched) seemed pretty good. Of course 2 Guns  was good. But, I really, really wanted to watch Baggage Claim. So, I did. And, I really enjoyed the film. Some … Continuer de lire What’s My Name? Say It, Again Juicy!