Easter Sunday(2019)

I wish you can. I wish you would. Easter was put together the best way that I could. No one talked. Not a single peep. Most everyone this Easter morning was fast asleep. This morning I walked. The sun was shiny. The trees were glistening. There was a lot to this day that was missing. Surprisingly, two of my kinfolks were listening. As I was … Continuer de lire Easter Sunday(2019)

Jelly Beans

When the audience thinks that a performer is sorry, at times they « boo » the person off the stage. Sometimes that very same performer gets fruit thrown at them. And, sometimes heckled. During Easter time there are many different varieties of jelly beans. This includes the ones that are speckled. I have a few favorite flavors. Would you like a hint? Whenever I receive my Easter … Continuer de lire Jelly Beans

The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2018

I really do not have much to say right now. Nothing has changed. Hopefully, I will not have to work a second job. I still promote me and writer Virginia Elaine Johnson Lee’s stuff. Other than that,  did you have a great Saint Patrick’s day? I dressed for the occasion a few days early. Next, Easter is right around the corner. I try to celebrate … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2018