The Insecure Writer’s Group: January 2019

Hello everyone! How are you? Well, it is now year 2019. Are you excited? I am not. In fact, I only got excited whenever I used to plan what I would do for new year’s eve years ago. It really wasn’t important to me as a kid. My dad usually fixed black eyed peas or purple hull peas on new year’s eve. My mom would … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: January 2019

Music Review: New Music: Princess Janet Damitajo Jackson al Mana

Hot new pictures coming soon!       Ladies and gentlemen!: This young lady is a sibling who had a very humble beginning, came from music royalty, became music royalty herself, has an array of hits, has worked with various producers, music artists, and other talented individuals in the industry, is also a musician, actress, philanthropist, humanitarian, wife, sister, auntie, is well outspoken, everything « with … Continuer de lire Music Review: New Music: Princess Janet Damitajo Jackson al Mana

Rock Steady

Tensions ran high in the town of Kismayo, Somalia as the bell tolled at 12:00 noon. After the tolling of the bell, the song « Rock Around the Clock » was heard everywhere,  even from around every corner of the entire city. This meant that someone was going to get rocked (stoned) every hour around the clock. Most of the town’s female citizens were in a panic. … Continuer de lire Rock Steady


Well, a few months ago I was going to do an entry about Sharia law,  because I read that England is trying to decide whether or not to have this over there. My question to England is:   Why bring that shit to your country when you as a country along with the United States of America are still trying to conquer the middle east … Continuer de lire Sha-Sha-Sharia!

Desperately Seeking Joseph

Sometimes Tanya thinks that Big Booty Bertha has gone baddy.   All of these years of bitterness and anger pent up over her daddy.   Not to be sinister. Her daddy was a minister. A cheater while he was a husband. Not to be coy. This same minister left his wife after so many years of her being fat.   Momma’s boy. His mother’s joy. … Continuer de lire Desperately Seeking Joseph

First Dance

Today was the day. It was her first chance. She was going to her first school dance. I was definitely not delighted. However, I think she was excited. Of course it was not a date. But, I sure was pissed, because I am always the last one to know. And, I was told rather late. This situation was not funny. I even gave her five … Continuer de lire First Dance

Father’s Day: Head Niggers In Charge (H.N.I.C.): Part 2

Usually, when my father chose to appear back in our lives when my mother kept allowing him back in (he finally stopped. When he did, she chased after him like a love sick teenager and it started all over, again), his only role of being the « man of the house »  was saying, « This is my mother fuckin house », and keeping the cable on ( he … Continuer de lire Father’s Day: Head Niggers In Charge (H.N.I.C.): Part 2