Walking With Cadillac

There is a saying, « You have to crawl before you walk. » I did that and I hate it. I want to run! Right now I cannot. I walk instead. So, as long as I am walking, I’d rather walk in a pair of Cadillac shoes (made by the makers of the Cadillac car). When I don’t drive, I cruise in a pair of Cadillac shoes, … Continuer de lire Walking With Cadillac

What’s Hot This Fall and Winter 2013

O.K. everyone. It is time to tell the world what « is in » for the remainder of 2013. This list includes over 70 things which range from fashion to food. Read it and weep guys. This shit is true. Starting off are the hottest hotels to visit and stay in. Casinos: Winstar Million Dollar Elm, Thackerville, Oklahoma Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels: … Continuer de lire What’s Hot This Fall and Winter 2013