The Insecure Writers Group: February 2017

Well, it is February 2017. Whooptee-doo! Whatever. Another year. Just another year for me as a writer and freelancer. I think that once I reached the age of thirty five, I’m like whatever dudes and dudettes. Valentine’s Day is approaching. There are tons of things that you guys out there can do. I guess most of my Valentines out there are my online fans. I … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writers Group: February 2017

Year of the Horse

I now truly feel that it is a new year now. Chinese New Year was January 31st and I’m late as hell in writing my spin on it. Here is my spin on it:     Year of the Horse 2014   Lucky stone: Tiger’s eye Foods of choice: oatmeal, oatmeal products, red apples, and foods that contain wheat (if you are able to eat … Continuer de lire Year of the Horse