The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

This fictitious story is based on a true story and a short tweet that was on someone’s profile. She claimed that her head was put on someone else’s body. My story just combines the two into a possibly totally twisted story. References: I may have to dig for this young lady’s tweet. However, it was unique. After I read that tweet, I had to … Continuer de lire The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

Gas Lady

One cold and dreary night Margaret was tired and decided that it was time to rest for the night. So, she said, « Oh well. It is time to check into a hotel. » What a mess. However, this slow night in particular was a night where she was not the only guest. There was another. The other one was dangerous. It was another lady. Everywhere she … Continuer de lire Gas Lady

Rock Steady: Part Two

Life was about to take a bumpy turn for Khalila. There was one too many men who were angry at her. And, there were one too many women who were jealous of her beauty. She reeked of sensuality, had natural red hair, silver colored eyes that was the tint of stormy skies, an hour glass figure, an ass like Nicki Minaj, a beautiful singing voice … Continuer de lire Rock Steady: Part Two

Rock Steady

Tensions ran high in the town of Kismayo, Somalia as the bell tolled at 12:00 noon. After the tolling of the bell, the song « Rock Around the Clock » was heard everywhere,  even from around every corner of the entire city. This meant that someone was going to get rocked (stoned) every hour around the clock. Most of the town’s female citizens were in a panic. … Continuer de lire Rock Steady

Book Tour: Day 2: EXODUS 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett

« Bennett,  after a neat Dean Koontz-style curtain raiser, keeps raising the stakes…Deft storytelling and a riptide of action propel this cataclysmic narrative. »-Kirkus Reviews   « I’m not usually a sci-fi thriller enthusiast. But Kenneth G. Bennett has set this on-the-edge-of-your-seat story in the Great Pacific Northwest where I make my home. After reading EXODUS 2022, this place will never look the same. His best yet. »-Rebecca Wells, … Continuer de lire Book Tour: Day 2: EXODUS 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett