Will They Eat Tomorrow?

Will they eat tomorrow? That is the question. This question is directed towards countries all over the world. Will the starving ones make it on the morrow? Will a smile replace the sorrow? Some say, « So! » The obvious answer is no. A lone toddler in India lies upon a tall trash heap. No need to hurl the insults. The first thing that comes to my … Continuer de lire Will They Eat Tomorrow?

Question of the Day

Did you know that fat people get hungry, too? So, when you pass by and see a fat person or a group of fat people eating, just walk on by without wishing them harm,that they will choke on their food or that they will die, etc. They have to eat, too just like everybody else.😒😔And, if you look at a fat person’s Instagram and see … Continuer de lire Question of the Day

Ghetto Snacks from the Screets

You will need to decorate yourself a basket first. 1)Next, make Rice Krispies treats with regular Rice Krispies. 2)Next, make Rice Krispie treats with strawberry Rice Krispies. 3)Next, make Rice Krispies treats with chocolate flavored rice puffs. 4)Cut them into squares, let them cool, and arrange them however you want in your decorated basket. Continuer de lire Ghetto Snacks from the Screets