R.I.P. Larhonda Marzette: Part II

(continued)…. Larhonda lived with her mom and dad in the very back of N.S.U.’s Hillside Apartments. My family and I lived in apartment 2D(the very front apartment). Larhonda and I hit it right off! She wasn’t that much older than me. She had a lot of stories to tell me, too. Also, she had her own record collection, had cool cousins, a cool aunt, dad, … Continuer de lire R.I.P. Larhonda Marzette: Part II

Question of the Day

Do you think that Facebook should give you the option of being able to befriend others in your age group and older, like an age filter? I ask this question because I would like more Facebook friends my age and older. With young people it can be extremely difficult to get the truth out of them concerning their real age. It took me one whole … Continuer de lire Question of the Day