What Kind of Nightmare Have I Stepped Into?

What kind of nightmare have I stepped into? Tell me! Who is the bait? I can do nothing but wait. It is a strange case of eyes wide shut! I am witnessing things that I have no control over. It IS amazing what things money can solve. My eyes are wide open. But………. The scene before me needs to be shut! Shut it! Shut it! … Continuer de lire What Kind of Nightmare Have I Stepped Into?

The Human Voodoo Doll

THIS STORY IS FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Some people see him in dreams. This is not an old Mr. Sand Man. Damn! Most do not know his age. Although he looks calm, he can blend in and in between crowds. But, when he is in motion, he is a man of rage. He is a psychopathic killer. Oh, Phyllis Diller! He bleeds just like you and … Continuer de lire The Human Voodoo Doll

Jimmy’s Glasses

THIS ORIGINAL STORY POEM IS FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY Surely as I love cornbread, greens, and hamhocks, somewhere around the world lived two individuals, who seemed like they were from two different worlds.         One was a young woman who was an extrovert.         The other was a middle aged man, not quite a veteran, and a warlock in … Continuer de lire Jimmy’s Glasses

Rupert’s Broom

In the land of Witchausen, Massachusetts lived a boy named Bobby Bloom. He seemed to have a fascination with his uncle Rupert’s house. Because, on the side of Rupert’s house stood an odd shaped broom. Almost every broom in the world has been known to sweep up trash. However, Rupert’s broom was one of a kind. The bottom of his broom was shaped like a … Continuer de lire Rupert’s Broom

Calling Digable Planets

One evening while Patty was away, one of her sisters and brother decided to play. Arnold Schwarzenegger is buff. However, playing in their parents’ record collection was not enough. That is right. Yes, Mister. This night in particular was the night that both siblings decided to play from the music collection of Patty, their sister. Their neighbor’s dog’s name was Hanets. Next thing you know, … Continuer de lire Calling Digable Planets

Lincoln In Her Closet

Here is the story of two little girls. Both of them wore pigtails in the shape of Afro ball curls. One of the little girls had a mom who was a great cook. Dinner was at 5:00 P.M. It was leftovers. Dessert was pecan clusters from Russell Stovers. It was the weekend. And it was approaching ten at night. Momma fell asleep. Both friends remained … Continuer de lire Lincoln In Her Closet

So, So, Tired

Traily was so, so tired. Traily was so fucking tired. He worked so hard for a very long time. Almost everything that he ever signed up for ended up with him spending his last dime. His energy was drained like he was an energy box getting drained by a male succubus. It seemed like it was energy that was totally out. « Not anymore, » said Jacob. … Continuer de lire So, So, Tired

The Eighteenth of May

The seventeenth of the month came and went. The day before was well spent. Everything was fine. In fact, it was all good. I thought about ending yesterday with visiting a small circus. Or, seeing a film: Bollywood. It was now late. I thought about going to get me something at the 7 Eleven. A black cat crossed my path. I am not superstitious. More … Continuer de lire The Eighteenth of May