Are You Having Roast?

First of all, I would like to make a toast. Tonight is a huge celebration. There are many reasons to boast. The television is on. Mostly everyone is watching a Christmas special. My secret Santa bought me the sexiest outfit that is blinged out from head to toe. It has the print of an extraterrestrial. Fifty of us made it to Iceland. The fried fish … Continuer de lire Are You Having Roast?

What Vegetables Are You Eating for Christmas Dinner?

Oyster cornbread dressing sounds like a winner. Bible sermons and various manger scenes are popular worldwide this Christmas season. And, so is talking about the average sinner. Let’s see. Look at the table. Everyone is well dressed. Your parents really outdid themselves. Yet, your mom remains looking stressed. Is that your Aunt Mable? Jimmy? Jimmy! I see strawberry cobbler over there. And, blueberry pie. There … Continuer de lire What Vegetables Are You Eating for Christmas Dinner?

Do You Believe In Christmas?

A twinkle in the eye. Reindeer fly by. The night passes away. Children have yet to play. Some people have cable. Cookies and milk await Santa on the table. There is a great app named Tubi. On that same app I will watch a movie. Will you be that family that Christmas will miss? Under the mistletoe will you and a special one kiss? Not … Continuer de lire Do You Believe In Christmas?

Where Are You Going to Celebrate New Year’s?

Taffeta, lace, silk, and suits. Stacy Adams, Mary Jane’s, heels, and boots. One person comes. Another one goes. Tomorrow will come. Thanksgiving came. No day is exactly the same. Snow comes. Then, it melts. Afterwards, it clears. Where are you going to celebrate New Year’s? Continuer de lire Where Are You Going to Celebrate New Year’s?

Who Is Going to Say Grace?

The neighbor’s bulldogs are out. Make sure to bring the Mace. I am scared that you will get mauled in the face. They will do more than turn your face inside out. Just take precautions. Safety is what it’s all about. Just remember. You are to sit at the head of the table. Later on we all will watch a movie starring Clark Gable. Did … Continuer de lire Who Is Going to Say Grace?

Did You Buy the Ham?

Sarah is here. So is Sam. Thirston is preparing turkey wings. Did you buy the ham? I do not see hardly anyone yet. Is this gathering a sham? You are so fake! Mom is bringing the cake. What was that? I don’t give a fig! The dog just snatched off aunty’s wig! Oh, that was not all! That furry little thing has to pay! It … Continuer de lire Did You Buy the Ham?

I Don’t Wanna Beg for that Gad Damn Turkey!

Nope! It’s not happening! No one should be scared. It is better to be prepared. Sometimes this deals with who thinks what is more important. Some want their worlds rocked. Some of their minds are half cocked. If I don’t do it, I am sure that no one else will. I don’t wanna beg for that gad damn turkey! That’s the deal! Each and every … Continuer de lire I Don’t Wanna Beg for that Gad Damn Turkey!

She Felt Totally Fucked

It costed her $20 to get there and $20 back. Publicly announcing to the Arby’s staff that she needed money was very unnecessary and totally wack. In a way it was totally hateful. However, temporarily having a roof over her head caused her to be very grateful. It was O.K. crashing there for the night. However, the family dog tearing a hole in her bag … Continuer de lire She Felt Totally Fucked

One Piece of Meat

Never in my life have I ever, ever, ever known that a woman could want someone as if she has died or dying of thirst. Tis strange. Tis a good thing that she no longer has so much stress that her scalp looks like she has mange. Silly. How she reacts over one piece of meat! Strange! Like a teenager! Hopefully not in danger. What … Continuer de lire One Piece of Meat