This Special Day

Silk, velvet, taffeta, and lace. Some people will be wearing interesting masks that covers their eyes and part of their face. At this function it is not cool for one’s hair to look disheveled. The building is grand. However, the menu does not include eggs that are deviled. Also, in preparation for this very special occasion, one must not come smelling like a skunk. One … Continuer de lire This Special Day

The Insecure Writer ‘s Group: November 2018: What Are You Going to Do?

Halloween ended not that long ago. Like a VHS movie that has been fast forwarded, we are moving quickly into Thanksgiving. This is the time when millions of people say thanks for whatever and that they are thankful for living. Also, there are thousands of people who say, « Tis the season and this is the time for giving. » So many things are taking place. Hmmmmm….I … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer ‘s Group: November 2018: What Are You Going to Do?

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Thanksgiving Delights

On this day in particular, I think that more people express that they are grateful for living. Tis the season for giving. I continue to see this verbally discussed or posted online towards or online on Thanksgiving. There are so many things to do. So many things to buy. Time to start looking. But, one of the most important things to know on Thanksgiving is: … Continuer de lire Thanksgiving Delights

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I Got You Where I Want You

The character in this poem might be a little contrary. In fact, some people say that this story sounds a little scary. It is an old story by the way. And, maybe a little humorous I will say. The setting starts out in a huge three story house. Nothing moved about. It was quiet as a church mouse. The place was cozy. There were plenty … Continuer de lire I Got You Where I Want You

Their Ghouls and Goblins Go to Church!

The month is October. Who is going to a costume party dressed like Mr. Bean? Every 31st of this month is Halloween! Some people will throw parties. Some parties are fancy with plenty of candy to eat. However, there is a small number of people on Halloween who do not trick-or-treat. However, it is a wonderful season. Those who do not trick-or-treat have their own … Continuer de lire Their Ghouls and Goblins Go to Church!

My Favorite Things

This holiday is dandy.     My favorite part is receiving the candy!     Different people wear different costumes.     Some of the costumes are prints.     Oh, look at all of the patterns!     Look at the beautiful houses at night.     There are front porches lit with very creatively jack-o-lanterns.     Are you going to go trick-or-treating? … Continuer de lire My Favorite Things