Will They Eat Tomorrow?

Will they eat tomorrow? That is the question. This question is directed towards countries all over the world. Will the starving ones make it on the morrow? Will a smile replace the sorrow? Some say, « So! » The obvious answer is no. A lone toddler in India lies upon a tall trash heap. No need to hurl the insults. The first thing that comes to my … Continuer de lire Will They Eat Tomorrow?

Jack In the Box

Man, I am currently watching Maury. I just watched this couple who never should have been a couple in the first place. There was this one fat lady who looked like she should have been in a Barnum and Bailey show. When she smiled she looked like a killer clown. The show was about another « I’m not the daddy » episode. The accused daddy was even … Continuer de lire Jack In the Box

Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three

Another rumor is that well over 50% of DFW’s occupants are « poor trash » across racial lines, anyway! This includes professionals. I’m talking trash in suits. To me, a lot of the poor, homeless, and wealthy look alike. Some wear dentures, remain toothless, etc. The only difference pretty much is a shower, comb, brush, the appearance of teeth, choosing to dress professionally or like bums! If … Continuer de lire Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three