Jack In the Box

Man, I am currently watching Maury. I just watched this couple who never should have been a couple in the first place. There was this one fat lady who looked like she should have been in a Barnum and Bailey show. When she smiled she looked like a killer clown. The show was about another « I’m not the daddy » episode. The accused daddy was even … Continuer de lire Jack In the Box

Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three

Another rumor is that well over 50% of DFW’s occupants are « poor trash » across racial lines, anyway! This includes professionals. I’m talking trash in suits. To me, a lot of the poor, homeless, and wealthy look alike. Some wear dentures, remain toothless, etc. The only difference pretty much is a shower, comb, brush, the appearance of teeth, choosing to dress professionally or like bums! If … Continuer de lire Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three