Breaking Down McDonalds

For a little while I have been sitting down wondering how to begin my first sentence concerning this topic. For over ten years(in between visiting family in Texas) I have had problems getting a shake at McDonalds. This is in the DFW area, too(Dallas/Fort Worth). The DFW area consist of cities in between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Cities such as: Arlington, Irving, and Grand … Continuer de lire Breaking Down McDonalds

The Hottest Flavors of the Summer

Well, everybody summer is here and it has been hot like that. One thing to do to help keep yourselves cool during the heat besides stay out of the heat is to ingest something cool or cold. To me, there is nothing better than drinking slushes or eating some delicious ice cream. This entry is all about ice cream and more. I want to share … Continuer de lire The Hottest Flavors of the Summer