A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise

(Revised from November 2016) Does anyone remember that sweet popcorn called Cracker Jacks? It was that sweet and filthy popcorn that I used to get as a kid. I enjoyed receiving it just to find out what neat surprise was in the box. Some surprises were well…..just downright shitty. There was even a time that I almost cried because my surprise was that shitty. It … Continuer de lire A Wife Swap Cracker Jack of A Surprise

The Insecure Writer’s Group: June 2019

Can you believe that it is June already? It seemed like it was just yesterday when I took a flight to Detroit and didn’t know exactly how in the hell I was going to make it back home.😌 My family and I ended up moving. We needed to. It seems as if it is so easy moving in somewhere. However, it is hard as hell … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: June 2019

Venus: V

(continued)……. I really think that Sarah traveled to more than just France and England. For real. There are just too many « Hottentot » sculptures that coincidentally resemble likenesses of Sarah’s body. Artworks were also sculpted/made to resemble Sarah Baartman. References: Unfortunately, when I started this piece about « Venus » three years ago, it looked like I found a number of URL’s regarding Sarah Baartman. Well, I looked … Continuer de lire Venus: V