New 2019/2020 Irish Film Release

Movie: Calm With Horses Director: Nick Rowland Writer: Joe Murtagh Release: To be announced Genre: Drama Cast: Barry Keoghan, Niamh Algar, Ned Dennehy, Cosmo Jarvis, and Hazel Doupe Reference: Continuer de lire New 2019/2020 Irish Film Release

The Next Turkey

Times got harder. Not too many checks kicked in. The family was divided. Some went to the casino. Some played the scratch-offs to win. Situations turned despicable. And, very unpredictable. Because of that, Esther decided to provide groceries and cook an early Thanksgiving meal on one cold night. Some dug in. Mother Skaggs turned her snobby nose into the air. She refused the unspoken and … Continuer de lire The Next Turkey

One Bony Night

In the land of the living there are millions of families who are celebrating Thanksgiving. However, some people are alone. Some are not. Some are in the company of pets. Some do not care and could care a less about giving a hungry dog a bone. Some sleep without a wink. Concerning the furry four legged ones, do some humans think? Billions of humans are … Continuer de lire One Bony Night

New Russian Film Release of November 2019

Movie: The Ninth Genre: Thriller, Horror, Mystery Release: November 7th, 2019 Director: Nikolay Khomeriki Cast: Yevgeny Tsyganov, Daisy Head, Mariya Skuratova, Dmitriy Lysenkov, Yuri Kolokolnikov, and Igor Grabuzov. Reference: Reference:// Continuer de lire New Russian Film Release of November 2019

The Disappearance of the Mysterious Hellpit of Russia

THIS ORIGINAL STORY IS for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Note: Part of this story is based on an eyewitness account of seeing angels and demons, stories about the « mysterious hell pit of Russia », and the fact that whether natural or with technology, mysterious things, whether good and evil, can dredge up « something ». As a result, I wrote an original story based on these factors. As far as … Continuer de lire The Disappearance of the Mysterious Hellpit of Russia

What Kind of Nightmare Have I Stepped Into?

What kind of nightmare have I stepped into? Tell me! Who is the bait? I can do nothing but wait. It is a strange case of eyes wide shut! I am witnessing things that I have no control over. It IS amazing what things money can solve. My eyes are wide open. But………. The scene before me needs to be shut! Shut it! Shut it! … Continuer de lire What Kind of Nightmare Have I Stepped Into?

The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

This fictitious story is based on a true story and a short tweet that was on someone’s profile. She claimed that her head was put on someone else’s body. My story just combines the two into a possibly totally twisted story. References: I may have to dig for this young lady’s tweet. However, it was unique. After I read that tweet, I had to … Continuer de lire The Ghost and Thy Holy Chicken

2019 Russian Film of the Day

Movie: Grandmother of Easy Virtue 2: Aged Avengers Genre: Comedy 87 minutes Director: Marius Weisberg Producers: Marius Weisberg and Alexandr Revva Starring: Alexandr Revva Release: 1/24/2019 « The swindler Sasha Rubinstein (Revva) will again be in the center of attention, along with his retired friends moving to Moscow. Everything is going well, until the bank where the heroes keep their savings went bankrupt. The unprincipled oligarch … Continuer de lire 2019 Russian Film of the Day

2019 Russian Film of the Day

Movie: Designated Driver Genre: Romantic Comedy Released: 3/21/2019 « In this romantic comedy, a young and naïve Artyom comes to Moscow with a plan to attain dolce vita of the rich and famous. Yet, the most he can count on is working for his friends as a driver for the rich. One night he wakes up in a hotel suite with a rich young lady who … Continuer de lire 2019 Russian Film of the Day

He Never Left!

One nice, cold, and sunny day, two sisters were playing in the Credulous family home. After one hour of play time, they stopped playing, turned on the television, and began enjoying Zubab’s pizza and calizone. As Dot(one of the sisters)began eating her supreme calizone, she saw movement coming from the cable cord(from the side of her left eye). She wanted to imagine that it was … Continuer de lire He Never Left!