2019 French Movies

Movie: Le Voyage du Prince Genre: animation Producers: Anelle Glorennec and Eric Jacquot « Featuring hand-drawn animation, “The Prince’s Voyage” follows an old monkey prince who finds himself lost and injured on an unknown shore, where he gets rescued by a young boy and sheltered by his parents, two scientists who have been exiled from their community for believing in the existence of other monkey civilizations. … Continuer de lire 2019 French Movies

Dejavu Candle

Sometimes miraculous things happen in the middle of the night. Prayers are answered by seekers who pray for miracles. After their prayers are spoken, their rooms are aglow by candlelight. Then, there is a sigh. While sleeping, little angels fly by. No longer a live wire, the seeker is overwhelmed by exhaustion. Then, the little angels blow out the candlelight fire. In the near future … Continuer de lire Dejavu Candle

The Eighteenth of May

The seventeenth of the month came and went. The day before was well spent. Everything was fine. In fact, it was all good. I thought about ending yesterday with visiting a small circus. Or, seeing a film: Bollywood. It was now late. I thought about going to get me something at the 7 Eleven. A black cat crossed my path. I am not superstitious. More … Continuer de lire The Eighteenth of May