Church Announcements

The other night turned into an unpredictable end of the day. There I was scrolling away. There was one post where I had to take a second look. The church that I attended more than one time had an event where I was not notified until three hours after it happened by Facebook. It was a great event that I usually would not have missed. … Continuer de lire Church Announcements

My Best Friend’s Funeral

My sister’s cat is feral. This month is my best friend’s funeral. I will not lie. How did she die? On one of her pages I decided to look. The last time that I chatted with her was this month(April 2019)on Facebook. Was it something that someone said? If it was, did she have a heart attack that caused her to wind up dead? Damn, … Continuer de lire My Best Friend’s Funeral

The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2019

Well, February was a weird month for me. After New Year’s eve and New Year’s day rolled around, it seemed like I had plenty of time to plan for the month of February and March. I did have plenty of time. However, my plans got seriously fucked up. This time my job fucked my plans up. They did a 360° fuck-up on everything. I guess … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: March 2019

The Heat Is On!

Decorations usually get a lot of praise. A lot of people are stressed out around the end of the year’s holidays. Everyone is affected as the world turns. Veteran’s Day comes and goes. Every year parts of California burns. Social security needs to stay, so that people like me will get paid for our future former wages(if we live long enough to get old and … Continuer de lire The Heat Is On!

The Insecure Writer’s Group: September, October, and November

Damn. I am so upset at myself. I cannot believe that I let almost two months go by and not post anything for The Insecure Writer’s Group!😢My apologies fellow writers and those who may look for this type of post each amd every month. So far nothing has changed with me. However, I have made an attempt to make sure that I at least have … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: September, October, and November

The Insecure Writer’s Group: April, May, June, and July 2018

At first, it seemed like the month of April was going to drag along very slowly and nicely. But, nope! That was not the case! Easter was O.K. I did not get the chance to prepare Easter dinner. That is O.K. Some of my family members and I made Easter eggs, took some selfies, and ate Easter themed Ding Dongs!😃 Also, I made up for … Continuer de lire The Insecure Writer’s Group: April, May, June, and July 2018

Keeping It Positive

On the real. Let me tell you the deal. No hocus pocus. I have to stay focused. It is best to ignore the negative. No need for any type of medical sedative. Because, I have to keep it positive. This includes thoughts. Not a bird. Keeping it positive can include a kind word.   Haven’t you heard? A lot of negative things happen around us, … Continuer de lire Keeping It Positive