The Janet Jackson Concert Experience!!!

It was a very unpredictable day full of surprises the weekend of September 17th, 2017. It made more sense to me to attend the Janet Jackson concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a number of reasons. However, I will not bore you with such information. Although, my trip plans started fucking up because Greyhound fucked up. To continue, I made a reservation to pay by cash … Continuer de lire The Janet Jackson Concert Experience!!!

Election Day Holiday Party!

Well, ladies and gentlemen! Today is the eve of election day! Election day is tomorrow! What do you think about this, folks?! Tomorrow is the day that you will be electing the new president of the United States of America! Are you excited?!! People are partying today and tomorrow! Election Day parties are being held all over the place! This historical event is bigger than … Continuer de lire Election Day Holiday Party!

Thanksgiving 2015’s #1 Movie

The #1 box office movie for T+hanksgiving 2015 is none other than Sylvester Stallone’s movie Creed. Tonight is the movie premiere of Creed. If you’re a « die hard » Rocky fan, you « gotta love Creed! » Sylvester Stallone brought a little « flava » with this movie. I love boxing and I love Creed! However, I will not spoil this movie for you by telling you any juicy tidbits … Continuer de lire Thanksgiving 2015’s #1 Movie

Shake Yo Ass! : Part IV

I made two trips to Canada in the past. In 2007 I went to Toronto,  Ontario Canada and turned back around, satisfied with what I saw. As a result,  I made plans to return back there in the future so I can go to school. In 2008 I decided to take the straight route to get to Canada by driving straight through Oklahoma, further up … Continuer de lire Shake Yo Ass! : Part IV

Chinese Fried Bread Ideas

Months ago, I had a shitty time at the newly relocated Motel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During my stay there, I called a place (via telephone) that used to be Called Cowboy Sharky’s. This place is now closed. Now it is called Pizza Depot and they serve the best « shark bites » in the world. However, when I called them this last time, a female (I … Continuer de lire Chinese Fried Bread Ideas

Insecure Writer: Assignment #1: Sound Off!!!!!!!! #1

My name is King-Galaxius Stravinsky. I come from a family of artists and musicians (on my mother’s side). I even have an uncle who played in the New York Symphony orchestra. I was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma August 1st, 1975. Nearly a year after that I stayed in Pineville, Louisiana with my mom and great grandfather Lee Green. Pineville is where I mostly feel at … Continuer de lire Insecure Writer: Assignment #1: Sound Off!!!!!!!! #1