The Spatula Chronicles

I feel like ragging on somebody. So, I decided to rag on Oscar Pistorius. Yeah, that’s right. The « spatula runner ». I guess his case continues and may continue for quite some time. I don’t know if I am correct, but…wasn’t his girlfriend pregnant at the time of her murder?  You know,  the whole thing is just incredulous. I mean here this dude is with one … Continuer de lire The Spatula Chronicles

Today’s Unknown Fact

Oscar the grouch is a character on the show called Sesame Street. He is also from the species called: monster, who is homeless and lives in a trash can. Definitely do not try to « dumpster dive » in this particular trash can on Sesame Street. This includes: children who want to dig in the trash to find « lost treasure ». I’m sure that if he were human … Continuer de lire Today’s Unknown Fact