Why Do You Want to Sound Like Chris Brown?

Sometimes I hear it on the radio. Sometimes I hear some songs on YouTube. Some people’s vocals have « that same familiar sound ». I find it irritating that some of these similarities are akin to a lot of celebrities, including Chris Brown. I wonder why. Is it because it is easier to mimic his style or sound/type of vocals ro easily get rich? I guess this … Continuer de lire Why Do You Want to Sound Like Chris Brown?

Easter Sunday(2019)

I wish you can. I wish you would. Easter was put together the best way that I could. No one talked. Not a single peep. Most everyone this Easter morning was fast asleep. This morning I walked. The sun was shiny. The trees were glistening. There was a lot to this day that was missing. Surprisingly, two of my kinfolks were listening. As I was … Continuer de lire Easter Sunday(2019)

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Thanksgiving Delights

On this day in particular, I think that more people express that they are grateful for living. Tis the season for giving. I continue to see this verbally discussed or posted online towards or online on Thanksgiving. There are so many things to do. So many things to buy. Time to start looking. But, one of the most important things to know on Thanksgiving is: … Continuer de lire Thanksgiving Delights

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I Got You Where I Want You

The character in this poem might be a little contrary. In fact, some people say that this story sounds a little scary. It is an old story by the way. And, maybe a little humorous I will say. The setting starts out in a huge three story house. Nothing moved about. It was quiet as a church mouse. The place was cozy. There were plenty … Continuer de lire I Got You Where I Want You