My Cousin Rachel Movie Premiere

Do you like to solve puzzles? Do you like to put things together? Do you like to solve problems? What about mysteries? Do you like playing mystery games, solving mysteries, watching mystery films, and/or reading mystery books? Do you like the mystery theater? If so, how about mystery classics? Have you heard of Agatha Christie? What about Alfred Hitchcock? Boy was I in for a … Continuer de lire My Cousin Rachel Movie Premiere

3 Idiotas Premiere

Last night I went to the 3 Idiotas premiere. 3 Idiotas features Martha Higareda, Alfonso Dosal, Christian  Vazquez, German Valdes, Vadhir  Derbez, and Sebastian Zurita. To me, the beginning of the movie sermed like it was going nowhere. Then, it starts getting interesting when one of the friends take a trip down memory lane concerning their school days. One of the friends in the ragtag … Continuer de lire 3 Idiotas Premiere

Baywatch Premiere

Last night Chef Olivette Lee and I attended the Baywatch movie premiere in Dallas, Texas. It is O.K. to go to a premiere in Dallas, Texas sometimes. However, right now I prefer to attend them in Shreveport, Louisiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Arlington, Texas for now. It is becoming too difficult to attend them in Dallas due to not only traffic problems, there … Continuer de lire Baywatch Premiere