Tomorrow Was About to Reveal

Out of nowhere. An unusual incident happened beyond neither family member’s control. The air was usually controlled. However, an outside element reached fever pitch and took its toll. Like a boomerang it bounced back. However, it hit its target. There were two individuals in the car. One whose emotions are almost always controlled, due to carefully studying various people and behaviors before serving the proper … Continuer de lire Tomorrow Was About to Reveal

2019 Russian Film Release for December

Movie: Robo Release: December 12th, 2019 Genre: Drama, family, speculative fiction Director: Sarik Andreasyan and Aleksey Andreev Cast: Daniil Izotov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Maria Mironova, and Konstantin Lavronenko. « An amazing friendship between a boy and a robot that helps one another become better. » Continuer de lire 2019 Russian Film Release for December

Question of the Day

Wouldn’t it be insane to get your spouse through a vending machine? There would be pictures of your future spouse with a piece of paper. The receiving end would receive a phone call to stand inside of the vending machine in their « Sunday’s best », and step out of the vending machine. It would be a vending machine that operates like an elevator. The only question … Continuer de lire Question of the Day

Did You Have Popcorn Today?

Who got to laugh and play? Did things go your way today? Did you have the last say? If you had Burger King, did you have it your way? Back in the day I worked many shifts. Way back when, Native Americans presented many gifts. Also, back in those days many people were not born. Did you know that one of those gifts from some … Continuer de lire Did You Have Popcorn Today?

One Piece of Meat

Never in my life have I ever, ever, ever known that a woman could want someone as if she has died or dying of thirst. Tis strange. Tis a good thing that she no longer has so much stress that her scalp looks like she has mange. Silly. How she reacts over one piece of meat! Strange! Like a teenager! Hopefully not in danger. What … Continuer de lire One Piece of Meat

New 2019 Irish Film Release

Movie: Sweetness In Belly Genre: Drama Release: 2019 Director: Zeresenay Mehari Writers: Camilla Gibb(novel) and Laura Phillips(screenplay) Cast: Dakota Fanning, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Kunal Nayyar, Wunmi Mosaku, Gavin Drea, Peter Bankole, Yohanna Ephrem, Amerjit Deu, Sharon Coade, Neelam Bakshi, Molly McCann, David Fawaz, Mylene Gomera, and Louise Benghazi. Reference: Continuer de lire New 2019 Irish Film Release

Mirror, Mirror, On the Pendulum

THIS ORIGINAL STORY IS for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT     Take a look! It all started one day on Facebook. I hate the cereal called Fruit Loops! Just like most « psychics », she was in to make some money. However, there was a problem. You had to be « an approved psychic ». Isn’t that shit kind of funny? It was going to be « the lick » However, in less … Continuer de lire Mirror, Mirror, On the Pendulum

Question of the Day

What would inspire a person to put a celebrity’s photo as their profile picture on a dating website? This includes using Bollywood celebrity photos. I just don’t understand this. Most celebrities look like your average Joe, except some are actually good looking. The only difference is publicity, a higher paying job, tons more money, and more people are aware of who these celebrities are. I … Continuer de lire Question of the Day

Thank You, Mom!

Hello one and all. This includes my computer fam. One day I was browsing on Instagram. I read what one Canadian actress had to say. It was so touching that it made me feel some type of way. Like fingertips, it touched my mind and traveled down to my heart like a trail. As I write this poem, the tears fall down like a well. … Continuer de lire Thank You, Mom!

2019 Irish Movie Release

Movie: Vita and Virginia Director: Chanya Button Writers: Eileen Atkins and Chanya Button Cast: Elizabeth Debicki, Gemma Arterton, and Isabella Rosesellini Release: 7/5/2019 « True story about the love affair between socialite and popular author Vita Sackville-West, and literary icon Virginia Woolf. » Reference: Continuer de lire 2019 Irish Movie Release